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What's new?

Release 2.0.0

Date: Aug 25, 2020

AssetVersionKey Features
IasC (IZero and Terraform modules)v2.0.0
  • Updates Tekton module and resources to support the Red Hat Tekton operator and related versions
  • Simplifies the process to install the IBM Cloud-Native Toolkit on a Red Hat OpenShift provisioned anywhere
  • Provide Private Catalog tile for install with Schematics
  • Improves the handling of LogDNA and Sysdig in the cluster
  • Automates the post-install configuration steps for Artifactory
  • Automates the post-install configuration steps for SonarQube
  • Updates tekton pipeline handling to create the webhook
  • Adds git,gitops and console commands
Tekton tasksv2.0.3
  • Refactors tasks and pipelines to support v1beta1 schema and remove dependency on PipelineResources
  • Streamlines CI process in pipelines to be more modular and reusable
  • Tasks for Vulnerability scanning with IBM Image Registry