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Getting Started

The Software Development Life-Cycle

The IBM Cloud-Native Toolkit supports the full Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC). Often, we break the life-cycle into three “days” to describe the distinct phases through the development process. The following “Getting Started” sections walk through using the Toolkit through each phase of the overall development life-cycle:


Before proceeding, be sure to install the Cloud-Native Toolkit prerequisites. The prerequisites contain a number of CLIs and tools that are essential for cloud-native provisioning, development, and operations.

CLI overview

One of the components of the Cloud-Native Toolkit is the IGC CLI that provides a set of commands to simplify common tasks that are performed often by all the personas during the cloud-native software development life-cycle. The IGC CLI documentation aims to make known the various commands that are available and de-mystify what actions it performs.

Additional information