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Code Patterns Git Repos


In the Overview section we describe why Code Patterns provide a perfect on ramp to help projects get started. The Developer Tools project is providing a set of seed templates that can be used to get projects moving quickly and focusing on use case business logic.

Read up on why you should start with a Code Pattern and if you have not already tried to deploy your first app to show you how easy it is to get started

Here are links to the base set of Code Patterns provided for the IBM Garage for Cloud Developer Tools.

  • To use the Code Patterns, click on the link and then the Template button to create a version in your own git organization.

  • Then clone it onto your local machine and then use igc pipeline to register it with your Jenkins server.

    ibmcloud login | oc login
    kubectl get pods | oc get pods
    npm i -g @ibmgaragecloud/cloud-native-toolkit-cli
    git clone <generated startkit template>
    cd <generated startkit template>
    code package.json ! rename your project and push changes
    igc pipeline -n dev