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Install from IBM Cloud Private Catalog

Prepare to use an IBM Cloud Private Catalog Tile to install the IBM Cloud-Native Toolkit into an existing IBM Cloud managed Red Hat OpenShift or IBM Kubernetes cluster.


The Cloud-Native Toolkit is installed by an IBM Cloud Account administrator. They would run the IasC to create the environment in an IBM Cloud account. The scripts will run as the environment administrator’s user. These instructions explain how to configure and run the Terraform (IasC) scripts to create the Developer Environment.

Confirm permissions

Optional: To help confirm that the scripts will have the permissions they’ll require, the environment administrator may log into the account and test creating a couple of resources:

  • Create a cluster — Make it single-zone, and specify the proper data center and resource group
  • Create a namespace in the image registry

As long as the user can create these resources successfully the schematics terraform script will be able to apply its state to the cluster.