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Install with new cluster

Prepare to run Terraform to create a new cluster and install the Developer Tools

The Developer Environment is installed by an environment administrator, who will run the scripts to create the environment in an IBM Cloud account. The scripts will run as the environment administrator’s user, so the user needs the permissions described in Plan Installation. These instructions explain how to configure and run the Terraform infrastructure-as-code (IasC) scripts to create the Developer Environment.

Prepare local system

To run the scripts, install the client tools needed to use the Developer Environment:

Test login

Optional: The environment administrator must be able to log into IBM Cloud, specifying the account, region, and resource group. That is effectively what the scripts will do when they run, using the environment administrator’s API key.

  • Log in to IBM Cloud using the CLI
    ibmcloud login -a -r <region> -g <resource-group>

Confirm resources

Optional: To help confirm that the account has the resources the scripts will require (see Plan Installation), the environment administrator may log into the account view the resources:

  • Existing VLANs — Verify that the two VLANs specified are in the list and that they are defined in the proper data center
  • Existing resource groups — Having logged in using the environment’s resource group, it should certainly be in the list
  • Existing Kubernetes clusters — See what clusters (Kubernetes and OpenShift) already exist in the resource group and confirm one does not already exist for the environment you want to create

Confirm permissions

Optional: To help confirm that the scripts will have the permissions they’ll require (see the administrators access group in Plan Installation), the environment administrator may log into the account and test creating a couple of resources:

As long as the user can create these resources successfully, the scripts should be able to as well. You may delete these test resources.